The Qi Wellness Center – About Us

Created with your Health in Mind!

Global Health Visionary Alternatives (GHVA) is a Non-Profit 501 C-3 organization created by LAMAS Qi Gong Master instructors under the guidance of Grandmaster Sikung Lowe.

Our intent is to establish a “Qi Wellness Center” in South Florida to offer the highest level of health maintenance and health recovery in a truly dynamic and customized healing environment.

Our principles are based on an ancient art called “LAMAS Qi Gong”, which enables and empowers each individual regardless of race, age, sex or religion, to cultivate their life force known as “Chi” also spelled “Qi”.

Our goal is to share these sacred Qi cultivation principles with everyone, whereas to create a harmonious and healthy society, living in peace and good health.

“GHVA Commitment”:


The Board Members of GHVA each had health issues in the past and were exposed to ancient healing methods utilizing LAMAS Qi Gong to alleviate and/or eliminate their personal health concerns.  The members also realized that not everyone has an opportunity for healthier living unless there is a place established to provide this ancient way towards wellness.  To address these concerns Global Health Visionary Alternatives, Inc. (GHVA) was created in 2013 as a non-profit 501c3 established in the State of Florida.

GHVA in its Mission and its Vision is focused towards the building of The Qi Wellness Center that can be accessible to everyone that wish to have and live a Healthier and Happier Life.  Providing the     resources that will be a part of The Qi Wellness Center to individuals, families and communities, addresses this need for cost effective and attainable wellness for those interested in having a better Quality of Life.

Building this State of the Art The Qi Wellness Center ensures that these ancient and esoteric teachings for Wellness will be safe, secure and available for all those that wish to participate in learning, practicing and embracing a Stress Free way of living.

The Board of Directors of GHVA are fully committed in the vision of building The Qi Wellness Center to secure the opportunity for all to have available a cost effective option for wellness and longevity.