The Qi Wellness Center – Donations

Donate a minimum of $125 and receive a Free copy of Grandmaster Lowe’s limited edition book:

“Healing with Herbs”

This special book offers many natural remedies for the maintenance of good health.

Only 100 limited copies available. Get yours today!

(GHVA is a Non Profit 501C-3 Organization)

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Or By Mail – Please Send Check to:
Post Office Box 350513
Fort Lauderdale, FL  33335
Tel: (954) 736-0324


We value your contribution and support in our efforts for a healthier way of living that is cost effective and attainable for all that wish to participate.  Your donations will provide for the following:

  • Build The World Class Qi Wellness Center
  • Focus on Stress Reduction Programs that Provide Attainable Solutions to Health Issues
  • Promote Ethical Qi Gong Practices
  • Provide for Research and Development of Qi Healing Techniques
  • Administer to the Needs of People in a Safe, Non-Invasive Secure Environment
  • Educate, Instruct, Research and Share in the Art and Science of Holistic Wellness
  • Disseminate Valuable Wellness Information on a Local, National and Global Level

All of us at some point will question our health and the importance of it in our personal lives.  The Qi Wellness Center will provide a place that will have the resources to offer help with many of the situations that we will face – now or in the future when an issue of health arises.
Options are needed during this time of question and The Qi Wellness Center will be the answer to having a better quality of life individually, collectively and globally.

Your Generous Gift will play a critical part in underwriting the building of The Qi Wellness Center and the programs that it can and will provide.
We encourage your support at any level and look forward to having a mutually shared vision of wellness in the evolution of life.